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Opening a Business: The Jounrney Continues…

So now that I came up with a business idea what’s next?

Work!  Thank god for the Small Business Development Center of Denver.  I have had mentors help with marketing, writing a business plan, financial advisors and wonderful peer support.  

Today I get the keys to my building! It’s nothing pretty right now, but oh the plans I have for it!

Scooters will be purchased in the next few weeks and the marketing began weeks ago.  My advice for the day:

“Passion..have it, spread it, hold on to it and when you feel it slipping away you grab someone who loves and supports and you and have them remind you of it!”



The Journey Begins…

Let me give you a quick back story of how this has transpired thus far:

I quit my corporate america job in June of 2013. I have always had a desire to have my own business and in fact dabbled in the idea many times thru my life.  But, as many of us can relate to, the timing was never right.

So, no job, unemployment, go to the Small Business Develompent Center and…6 months later here I am!

Why scooters?  Probably the most common question I am asked.  Not sure!! Truthfully this decision came from something stronger and hopefully wiser then me.  I am artisitic and musical and very good at sales.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do that I thought could really make money and last. I drive a scooter…and I noticed during this journey many people asking me about it. “How much did it cost?, Is it hard to ride? , Is it fun to ride?”.  So I in return started asking a question back…”Would you rent one if you could?”..the answer was always the same..“YES, WHERE?”

Please join me as I share this adventure.  Hopefully helping the next entrepeneur who says “I want to work for myself…but how?”