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The Journey Continues….


What a beautiful day!  Scooters are starting to get some exercise!  Come an join us soon and enjoy the beautiful spring weather.  Cruise around Wheat Ridge, Old Town Arvada or The Highlands.

Journey Continues…

The first customer of the business and the mural is up! Woo Hoo!! Gotta love a nice spring day.

Ian Rumsley and his family have been working hard on the mural. I couldn’t be happier!! I love supporting

local art and talent.

Todays Thought:

If you can dream it…you can accomplish it! I am filled from head to toe with gratitude today.

Life is good. 🙂

Scoot on~Image

Journey Continues….

Today is beautiful!  Scooters are all here and looking so sexy outisde in the sun.  Many people driving by and stopping to see what I am doing. I even let a neighbor take a few out for a spin 🙂

Ian Rumley is here with his great kids and starting to tape off the mural. Spring is here and I am ready for some business.

Thoughts today:  Sunshine is an amazing gift.  We take for granted what a beautiful State we live in…all this blue sky and beautiful sunshine is so nice for the soul.  Go out and get some if it for yourself today if you haven’y already.  And then take a big breath in and say “thank you” to the Universe!Image

Journey Continues…

Spring is here!!!  Scooters are here (well a few of them)…Let’s get this party started!

Cleaning up and painting the outside today and tomorrow.  Mural is going up on Sunday.  Met some great neighbors today and more wonderful supportive people.

As long as my body holds out and my creativity seems endless…i I think the sky is the limit!

I have scooters available for a few guinea pigs if any one is interested.  I need to charge a little ($25) for the day, but I would love to see what I am still needing and how everything will work. Go have some fun on me!  Image

Give me shout on the website!

Journey Contintues…

We are getting so close I can feel it!  Doing alot of networking this week. So many people are supportive of what I am doing. Thank you Westword, Battery 621 and City of Wheat Ridge!

Today I learned how to use my Visa machine (yes I am old square)!  With that I got thinking about how good I have become at spending money…let’s hope I am a quick study on how to MAKE money!!

The weather is looking wonderful and opening day is April 12th.  Scooters should be here today.

Thought for today:  Be grateful. The attitude of Gratitude is a strong and powerful thing.  Don’t just look at the obvious, dig a little bit.  Sometimes the universe has hid something that you may need to kick a few obstacles away to see.  But trust me…there is so much out there to be grateful for.ImageImage