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The Journey Continues…


Well we are completely up and running…or scooting! The Grand Opening was a HUGE success. It was followed by a very busy weekend of out of town customers.  I think it’s going to be a great summer.

Looking for fun places to send people and create some interesting events.  Also looking at putting together a Team Building package for businesses.

The wind and cold weather this week has made for a slow time, but it’s Colorado…that will change tomorrow!

Todays thoughts:

Open and Shut.  Keep your mind OPEN, your mouth SHUT and see what happens.  Sometimes silence is very difficult, but it often comes with learning something about yourself. 


The Journey Continues…

2 to 3 hours each day on Social Media…will it work? Good question. I am giving it my best try!

While working on Twitter today I was very focused on the Denver Art District.  How fun would it be to drive around and look for murals? We have some amazing art work in this town that is painted on the sides of buildings.  First I would have to find them all…that might be fun!

Marketing is a never ending process in a Small Business. 🙂

Todays thoughts:  I want to put focus on Art. All of the art’s,Image but today…painters. Be it graffiti or acrylics or oil…my hat goes off to you. You make our lives colorful, you show us new ways to look at things…and you make us envious of your talents! Hurray for the artist in all of you.

@denverartdist Image

The Journey Continues….

The Grand Opening was a GRAND success! So many wonderful people showed up to lend their support.  The band was amazing and the food spectacular. Thank you again to Joe @chueyfu’s and Darci Paige and the Crooked Veins.  Now I need to get people thinking about events coming up. What would be a fun day to rent a scooter? Denver is filled with great outdoor events all spring and summer long.

I will continue my social media outreach and hitting the pavement talking to anyone who will listen to my vision.

Todays thoughts:  “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it”. ~ Maya Angelou


The Journey Continues…

We are just a few days away from the Grand Opening! How does one throw a Grand Opening?? Good question!

I am winging this 🙂 Thank goodness for wonderful friends and family!  We will have Darci Paige and the Crooked Veins playing at 6:00 and Chuey FU’s food truck coming from 4-7. I will supply some snacks and drinks…and then call it a Grand Opening!

What a great week.  I have been hitting the pavement doing what I do best…networking!  I have met some great businesses and trying to spread my message.  “I want to bring people to your small business and educate people that their is more to see than what they see everyday on Wadsworth, Sheridan and the Highway.  Go explore! Scoot around side streets and see what you’ve been missing…and find an easier way to park why your at it!”

Todays thoughts: What does FEAR really mean?…F=Face it!, E=Educate yourself from it, A=Allow it to happen, R=Rejoice in the fact you survived it!

The Journey Continues….

I am all moved in! I am now living where I work and will have no excuse to ever be late to work!

This is such an amazing community.  If you have not yet explored the Wheat Ridge/Ridge at 38 area, you need to get down here!

Wonderful places to eat, and shop.  The Grand Opening is April 12th, with live music and food and fun!

Todays thought:  “If you build it, they will come”! (I built it…let’s hope they come!!)