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The Journey Continues…fine line between persuasion and deception


Even the word makes people a little uncomfortable.  But does it have to be that way?

I have been in sales all my life. I have worked for Mom and Pop companies and large Corporate companies through the years.  I have seen it all.  Your typical car salesman approach…tell em what ever they want to hear, just close the deal!  The soft seller so smooth you didn’t even see you were persuaded to buy!  It truly is an art when it is done correctly.  Say what you will, but I love sales.

So, with that knowledge and background, I tend to be a tough sell and very skeptical of many sales calls. Usually it’s the call that doesn’t seem to know my name or what my business is.  They called me, right?  Or the ones who start right in with a pitch and have been taught to not let me get a word in the conversation or they will loose me. 

So what are we trying to do on a sales call or visit?  We are trying to persuade this person to purchase our product or service because we BELIEVE that it will better that person or business.  That seems like a win/win situation doesn’t it? 

So why be deceitful? In most cases, it’s because the salesperson does NOT believe in their product or services.  Or, they are in a situation where the pay structure is designed against them and they cannot survive without forcing someone to take their product or service. 

Can you sell and not be deceitful?   Of course you can.  If we go back to the original intent, “is this good for you and good for me”?  I don’t profess to believe that following this practice you always be the highest paid salesperson or that you won’t feel pulled sometimes to make the choice to benefit yourself…but I am here to say that you will be a happier person.

I intend to stick to my way of selling now that I have my own business. What are my techniques? It’s simple:

  • Listen
  • Ask questions
  • Listen
  • Clarify you heard it right
  • Suggest
  • Listen
  • Ask for the business.

Notice the common thread there? Yeah…it’s all about listening!  Go out there and close some sales!



The Journey Continues…Memorial Day

A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself. ~Joseph Campbell

There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured with what is right in America. ~ Bill Clinton

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

This has always been a weekend I have looked forward to, even as a child.  The weather is usually warm and everyone has been anxiously awaiting a few days to soak it in and have some fun.  When I was young, I had no idea this weekend had anything to do with War or Heroes or loss of life.  I assumed it had to do with the end of school! 

Now as I have gotten older, I seem to reflect more on these types of Holidays and try to be more appreciative of what they stand for.

I recently opened a business.  I am single.  I am a woman.  I can choose to have children or not.  I am not worried my children will be taken in the night.  I can write things about or against my government if I should choose.  I can read any books I want. I sleep at night and feel peace. I have Freedoms.

For this I am grateful and appreciative too any and all who have given their life to grant me this.

Happy Memorial Day! 



The Journey Continues….Mother Nature!

ImageImageMother Nature:

Much like any of us Mothers, she is complicated!

Like a good Mother, she provide nourishment for all of us.  Sun to grow the wonderful things we like to eat. Rain to fill lakes and oceans and feed the plants. Wind to blow the seeds from here to there. Snow to cover the mountains and melt into the streams.

But…like any good Mother, she can have a little bite to her! Maybe she feels like getting that sun so hot one day, you just want to sit in the shade and sweat it out.  Or, maybe she wants to blow that wind so hard you feel like your car will fly off the road! And snow, she loves to let you know who’s boss with the snow!  Maybe she will snow you in for days!!

But I am here to talk about one of her favorite children..RAIN.  Sometimes she will feel tricky.  Maybe let that sun shine and get you all excited to go out and spend the day in shorts and a t-shirt.  Then, when you least suspect it…She will DUMP on you!  And, like any Mother, if you don’t get the hint and get yourself inside or under an umbrella like you should…she will HAIL on you!  Oh, she is a temperamental thing. 

So when you are out today in the Colorado weather, keep in mind your Mother, Mother Nature that is.  Don’t try and out guess her, Don’t try and out run her, Don’t try and fool her….She will cause you a HAIL of a day if you do!










The Journey Continues…


I realize I spend a bit of time each day educating people on Colorado laws regarding scooters.  There is a misconception that Colorado does NOT require a drivers license to operate a 49cc Scooter.  Well, I hate to be the bubble buster, but that is NOT correct.

There may be some States that allow someone with a DUI to ride a scooter (although while researching this I could not find one), but Colorado is NOT one of them.  So where did this come from?

  • Unscrupulous dealers who want to sell you anything at any price! I have had many people tell me they bought a scooter from a dealer who “told them it was legal if you have a suspended license”.
  • The misconception that a 49cc scooter is just an bike with an engine. They are either 2 or 4 stroke engines and have enough power at times to go 40mph.  This is a powerful engine and should be treated as such.
  • When you have a problem (like a DUI) you REALLY want a solution! It sucks I am sure to be without a drivers license, but the consequences of being caught driving a Scooter without a license could REALLY suck! It could result in up to 6 mos. in jail, $500 or in some cases a misdemeanor. Not worth it.

So each day, someone comes by and asks me, “I have a DUI and I was told I could ride a scooter”.  I wish I could reach the person who is saying this.  It seems like a very wide spread rumor from State to State. 

Todays thoughts:  Don’t believe everything you hear!  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! You probably sit in front of computer a few hours a day…use it.  Research things that you have questions about.  Don’t just rely on here say and assume it must be true. There is nothing more exciting or sexy then someone who feeds their brain!


The Journey continues…


After a few days of cold and wet weather, it’s time for me to wake up and get back at it!  I am not sure about you, but I have a tough time getting motivated when the weather shifts like that.  For some reason the idea of a blanket and a fire just sounds more inviting then sitting in an office and working on a computer.  Today however, the sun has come out and so has my motivation!


Look out world…I am AWAKE and ready to take on anything that comes my way!!

Todays thoughts: Why do bears hibernate?  Well, I assume it is to prepare for what lies ahead.  They need to be rested and mentally prepared to take on the spring and summer.  They need to hunt and keep their wits about them to protect their young and themselves. So do we!  We need to keep ourselves fit mentally and physically so we can handle whatever life may throw our way.  Sometimes we need a little “mental hibernation”.  I took mine…look out!