The Journey Continues…


The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony!  Too fun.  We had all the City officials sitting on scooters…even the Mayor Of Wheat Ridge!

I couldn’t ask for a more supportive place to start a business.  Wheat Ridge is very unique.  It still has a very small town feel, everyone is friendly, the main street is where it’s at…but it’s very progressive with it’s thinking and they seem to have great vision.

The attitude the City has about my business is keeping me very focused and excited!  Even when my phone is not ringing!!

I look forward to being a strong member of this community!  I am just working on getting the name out there!

Todays thoughts:  What a difference a day makes. The Annie song “The sun will come out tomorrow”, is so very true. “If at first you don’t succeed” or “Tomorrow is another day”…the list goes on. These sayings are so prevalent because EVERYONE experiences that feeling of …this day sucks. So I say let’s not forget that we all feel this way sometimes, let’s not forget to remind each other that the sun will indeed come out tomorrow.  Let’s all go and make it a great day!


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