The Journey Continues….Mother Nature!

ImageImageMother Nature:

Much like any of us Mothers, she is complicated!

Like a good Mother, she provide nourishment for all of us.  Sun to grow the wonderful things we like to eat. Rain to fill lakes and oceans and feed the plants. Wind to blow the seeds from here to there. Snow to cover the mountains and melt into the streams.

But…like any good Mother, she can have a little bite to her! Maybe she feels like getting that sun so hot one day, you just want to sit in the shade and sweat it out.  Or, maybe she wants to blow that wind so hard you feel like your car will fly off the road! And snow, she loves to let you know who’s boss with the snow!  Maybe she will snow you in for days!!

But I am here to talk about one of her favorite children..RAIN.  Sometimes she will feel tricky.  Maybe let that sun shine and get you all excited to go out and spend the day in shorts and a t-shirt.  Then, when you least suspect it…She will DUMP on you!  And, like any Mother, if you don’t get the hint and get yourself inside or under an umbrella like you should…she will HAIL on you!  Oh, she is a temperamental thing. 

So when you are out today in the Colorado weather, keep in mind your Mother, Mother Nature that is.  Don’t try and out guess her, Don’t try and out run her, Don’t try and fool her….She will cause you a HAIL of a day if you do!











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