The Journey Continues…fine line between persuasion and deception


Even the word makes people a little uncomfortable.  But does it have to be that way?

I have been in sales all my life. I have worked for Mom and Pop companies and large Corporate companies through the years.  I have seen it all.  Your typical car salesman approach…tell em what ever they want to hear, just close the deal!  The soft seller so smooth you didn’t even see you were persuaded to buy!  It truly is an art when it is done correctly.  Say what you will, but I love sales.

So, with that knowledge and background, I tend to be a tough sell and very skeptical of many sales calls. Usually it’s the call that doesn’t seem to know my name or what my business is.  They called me, right?  Or the ones who start right in with a pitch and have been taught to not let me get a word in the conversation or they will loose me. 

So what are we trying to do on a sales call or visit?  We are trying to persuade this person to purchase our product or service because we BELIEVE that it will better that person or business.  That seems like a win/win situation doesn’t it? 

So why be deceitful? In most cases, it’s because the salesperson does NOT believe in their product or services.  Or, they are in a situation where the pay structure is designed against them and they cannot survive without forcing someone to take their product or service. 

Can you sell and not be deceitful?   Of course you can.  If we go back to the original intent, “is this good for you and good for me”?  I don’t profess to believe that following this practice you always be the highest paid salesperson or that you won’t feel pulled sometimes to make the choice to benefit yourself…but I am here to say that you will be a happier person.

I intend to stick to my way of selling now that I have my own business. What are my techniques? It’s simple:

  • Listen
  • Ask questions
  • Listen
  • Clarify you heard it right
  • Suggest
  • Listen
  • Ask for the business.

Notice the common thread there? Yeah…it’s all about listening!  Go out there and close some sales!



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