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Scooter Curious

Scooter Curious.


Scooter Curious


I realize that’s not much of a scooter topic, but it is a good topic!

As a woman business owner and a woman who has never fit a traditional mold very well, I feel compelled to stand on my mountain top once in awhile I profess the joys of being a woman.

Orange Is The New Black…great example.  Is the fascination just about the titillation or is it how strong and complex these woman are?  I believe strongly that a show like this first pulls you in with the titillation, but just like in real life, that isn’t enough.  As a woman we need to show we have depth and strength.  So how wonderful is it that people are so drawn to this?  We as a public are hungry for female characters who posses both beauty and strength, not that surprising is it?

We are seeing more and more woman opening businesses and being successful.  Let’s face it, we have a long way to go, but the numbers are rising.  On Forbes 2013 list of The Worlds Richest People, 138 out of 1,426 are woman.  Seem small? Well, it’s actually up 104 from the year prior.  That’s a huge leap!

As a woman, I am grateful and proud of what I have accomplished in this life so far.  I cannot not deny that some doors have not been as open as others because of my gender, but when push comes to shove, I seem to squeeze my foot in.  I have been watching some old t.v. shows recently and I am amazed at where we were just 40 years ago!  I know Fathers Day is just around the corner and I will gladly celebrate the role of men in this world, but until then…I say raise your Female Flag high!  Embrace the curves, the emotions, the giggles, the tears, the heels and all that is you.  Give yourself a hug and remind yourself how cool it is to be a woman.  We can catch their attention (thus the titillation) and then wow them with our strength and intelligence.  Sounds like a great combination to me.

Thoughts for today:  Attitude of Gratitude.  This is the body and soul you were given.  Love it, cherish it and treat it well. Be kind to others and give back.  As women, reach out and help other women who are in your shoes…we learn best from example. So go be a great example!


Scooter Curious


Sounds boring; like I can’t have fun, doesn’t it?  Not really. Nothing can ruin a good time faster than a trip to the ER.


Scooters aren’t dangerous, but everything around you could possibly be hazardous!  You have to make yourself seen, you must be aware at all times.  That being said, you don’t have to wear orange bubble wrap to enjoy a scooter.

The biggest tip I could give is stay aware.  You do not have a metal cage to protect you from other vehicles or the elements.  Don’t get sloppy.  Stay on roads that not as busy as others.  It may take you longer to get to your destination, but it is worth it for the safety and usually the view.  Wear your helmet!  It keeps your head safe, keeps your hair out of your eyes and it’s better to have one of those big bugs hit your helmet than your head!

I am not an advocate of night driving.  I don’t even like driving my car at night if I can avoid it.  Keep your headlights on always.  Wear smart shoes (no flip flops) and always have eye protection.

Will the scooter tip?  If you get nervous and grab the gas and the brake at the same time…you might spill.  Take a turn way to fast?, you might spill.  Not pay attention at an intersection?, that would be a bad spill.

Today’s Thoughts:  Much like many things in life, ignorance makes things more dangerous.  If you learn about what you are doing and how to properly use something, your risk factor goes down.  We can’t control what others may do, but we certainly can control what we do. Don’t allow ignorance to put you in a dangerous situation, feed your brain.  Life has many fun and exciting things for us to try, sometimes we just need to SLOW down a bit to really enjoy and appreciate them.

Scooter Curious


It’s sunny out! In fact here in Denver sunny is what we usually experience.  That last month of rain and hail and snow is not what we generally see.  This is why we love cruising around on two wheels here!

But sun has it’s drawbacks too. Skin cancer. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but skin cancer is still killing close to 10,000 people a year…and it’s the most preventable!

We all know the basic rules:

Sunscreen-always and reapply if your getting wet or sweating.

Hats– forget about hat head…I know too many men that have had spots removed from their forehead or top of their head.

Clothing– well it would be a bit rude to walk around without it!- but seriously, cover up if you are going to be outside for a long time. Maybe soak up the sun in shifts, wear a long sleeved shirt for a while then take it off for a bit.

Tanning-is it really necessary? I get it, I did it when I was young. Yet, as i have gotten older I have heard more men comment on “great looking skin”, “beautiful alabaster skin” and “no wrinkles”.  I have yet to hear men say “love that girl who looks fried from the sun”, “she looks 20 years older then she is, that’s hot” or “I think all those wrinkles and deep lines are so sexy”!

Todays Thoughts:  Common sense. It’s underrated. We all have it and we know what is right and wrong, but sometimes when the sun is warm and we have a cold drink in our hand…common sense goes out the window!  Shut that window and hold on to your common sense a bit longer.  Don’t spend money getting spots removed when your older and risk dying of a disease that YOU could have prevented. Live long and prosper! Soak up some healthy sun on a scooter today!