The Journey Continues…I AM HERE, I AM HERE!


Lately I feel like one of the Who’s on the end of Hortons flower screaming “I am here!”

Social Media, Print Ad’s, Signs on the street, Signs on the Scooters, Flyers and Referrals…why did I think that was enough?

Getting your business found is the glue that will keep your business afloat.  So, where do I go from here?  Get the homeless guy to spin a sign on the corner? Inflate a giant bendy man on top of my building?

Scary thing is, I am not opposed to anything! Exposure is what I need to find and create. Local News station or paper running a small article would be nice.  A Hotel that tells it’s customers about me.  A local restaurant that keeps my flyers in a good location.

So it looks like I have a lot of work yet ahead of me. But that’s ok.  I need to keep busy and I like the challenge.

Today’s thoughts:  Make a big noise! Don’t be afraid of being seen or noticed. If you are confident in yourself or what you do, people WILL take notice. If something isn’t right or is unjust, make an even BIGGER noise!  No one will know you are sitting on that flower trying to survive if you don’t tell them…”I AM HERE!!!”


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