Scooter Curious!

1988Denver Peoples Fair.  Without a doubt one of the best memories of moving to Denver was my first Peoples Fair.  At that time it was at East High School.  I loved the feeling and the people.  All the music, food and amazing art!  I knew this was a city I was going to love living in.

A few years later it moved into Civic Center and became even bigger and better. I even was a vendor a few times selling jewelry.  But my favorite memory was actually playing music at the Peoples Fair…not even sure what year, must have been around 1993.  I was half of a female guitar duo and we had a blast!

Capital Hill United Neighborhoods (CHUN) is the organization behind the Peoples Fair.  They work hard to fund community non-profits in the area.

So if you have never been…shame on you!  If you have been in the past…go again, it’s probably been a while.  And if you decide to go make sure you explore, talk to people, try new foods and listen to new music.  What a great opportunity to see what we are really all about here in Denver.

Thoughts for the day:  Get out of your rut.  Try new things.  Challenge yourself to be brave. Talk to a stranger and learn a bit about their history…it might even be more interesting than yours!


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