Scooter Curious!


Had an interesting observation yesterday while driving a few people into Denver for the day.  One of the people made the comment, “this is so much less stressful than driving a car into downtown”. I found that interesting because I often hear people who don’t ride say, “I would never want to ride one of those in a busy downtown area”.

The facts?  I am more stressed driving my car downtown.  Why?  First I am doing to many things.  Yes, I will admit it, when driving I am busy.  Listening to music or talking with someone in the car.  Adjust temperature in the car or putting windows up and down.  Talking on the phone, or seeing who just texted me.  Now I need to watch for my exit!  Oh shoot, that car won’t let me over.  I am going to miss my exit.  If I don’t turn here I will never find a parking space!  Oh no, I don’t want to parallel park if I don’t have to.  Is that a lot over there?  How do I get there from here, these are one way streets.  Shoot, I just missed that spot with a meter.  I will go around a few more blocks and see if I can find a spot.  Forget it!  There is a lot over there.  How much? $15 for the day? I just spent that much driving around looking for a spot!

The facts? I am driving my scooter.  No phone, no distractions.  I am one with the elements.  I don’t go on the highway.  I take 32nd down and cross Speer and I am downtown!  Where am I going? I wanted to walk around the 16th street mall and grab some lunch.  I am at 15th and Lawrence and I can park my scooter anywhere on the sidewalk and chain it to a light pole. No cost to park, didn’t even move the gas gauge.  Stress??  I don’t think so!!

Todays thoughts:  Don’t believe everything you hear.  Try for yourself.  Research, read and ask questions.  What may seem one way could very easily be another. 


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