Scooter Curious


It’s sunny out! In fact here in Denver sunny is what we usually experience.  That last month of rain and hail and snow is not what we generally see.  This is why we love cruising around on two wheels here!

But sun has it’s drawbacks too. Skin cancer. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but skin cancer is still killing close to 10,000 people a year…and it’s the most preventable!

We all know the basic rules:

Sunscreen-always and reapply if your getting wet or sweating.

Hats– forget about hat head…I know too many men that have had spots removed from their forehead or top of their head.

Clothing– well it would be a bit rude to walk around without it!- but seriously, cover up if you are going to be outside for a long time. Maybe soak up the sun in shifts, wear a long sleeved shirt for a while then take it off for a bit.

Tanning-is it really necessary? I get it, I did it when I was young. Yet, as i have gotten older I have heard more men comment on “great looking skin”, “beautiful alabaster skin” and “no wrinkles”.  I have yet to hear men say “love that girl who looks fried from the sun”, “she looks 20 years older then she is, that’s hot” or “I think all those wrinkles and deep lines are so sexy”!

Todays Thoughts:  Common sense. It’s underrated. We all have it and we know what is right and wrong, but sometimes when the sun is warm and we have a cold drink in our hand…common sense goes out the window!  Shut that window and hold on to your common sense a bit longer.  Don’t spend money getting spots removed when your older and risk dying of a disease that YOU could have prevented. Live long and prosper! Soak up some healthy sun on a scooter today!


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