Scooter Curious


Sounds boring; like I can’t have fun, doesn’t it?  Not really. Nothing can ruin a good time faster than a trip to the ER.


Scooters aren’t dangerous, but everything around you could possibly be hazardous!  You have to make yourself seen, you must be aware at all times.  That being said, you don’t have to wear orange bubble wrap to enjoy a scooter.

The biggest tip I could give is stay aware.  You do not have a metal cage to protect you from other vehicles or the elements.  Don’t get sloppy.  Stay on roads that not as busy as others.  It may take you longer to get to your destination, but it is worth it for the safety and usually the view.  Wear your helmet!  It keeps your head safe, keeps your hair out of your eyes and it’s better to have one of those big bugs hit your helmet than your head!

I am not an advocate of night driving.  I don’t even like driving my car at night if I can avoid it.  Keep your headlights on always.  Wear smart shoes (no flip flops) and always have eye protection.

Will the scooter tip?  If you get nervous and grab the gas and the brake at the same time…you might spill.  Take a turn way to fast?, you might spill.  Not pay attention at an intersection?, that would be a bad spill.

Today’s Thoughts:  Much like many things in life, ignorance makes things more dangerous.  If you learn about what you are doing and how to properly use something, your risk factor goes down.  We can’t control what others may do, but we certainly can control what we do. Don’t allow ignorance to put you in a dangerous situation, feed your brain.  Life has many fun and exciting things for us to try, sometimes we just need to SLOW down a bit to really enjoy and appreciate them.


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