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Scooter Curious….Parades and Candy!


C.C. Rider is going to be in a parade August 16th for the Wheat Ridge Carnation Festival.

That got me thinking about parades I have been to over the years. I can remember as a kid going to a parade every year at my Aunt’s house in Jackson Michigan. It would go right past her house and we would grab prime real estate on the curb in the front yard.  It was perfect for seeing all the bands and the floats, but what it was ideal for was hauling in the CANDY!

We would bring a little bucket and as soon as the float went by and threw hand fulls of candy at the crowds, we would swoop in and scoop up as much as our little hands could hold and start filling up the bucket!

Where’s the candy today? It’s too dangerous. Kid’s will get run over.

Hmmm, what changed? Have the float operators played too much Grand Theft Auto and try to run people down? Did we forget to tell our children when we were raising them that vehicle’s are heavy and could kill us if they run us over? Or better yet….what happened to telling your children “don’t run into the street until the float has passed you by”?

I get it, I raised kids, I want them safe too. But at what cost? I don’t want to get all political, so I will leave you with this:

Parades are fun. They are a great chance to support your community and spend time with family and friends. And…they are a great teaching opportunity as a parent. Danger is every where in life, but that shouldn’t keep you from enjoying it. Just you common sense and a little caution and see what wonderful things in this world await you!  Let it rain CANDY!!



Scooter Curious…it’s spreading

Since I opened my business in April I have noticed and increase in Scooters in my area here in Wheat Ridge, CO. Oh sure, it could just be that I am much more aware, but I really believe there are more.

I have personally helped 4 people since I started to buy Scooters either online or thru a dealer.

So I started thinking, what would it look like if this was the “norm” and driving a car was the exception.

Let’s start out with the obvious:


Car: Gas prices are around $3.46 near my house.  It costs me around $56.00 to fill my car. Between grocery store and friends and family and a few events (dinner, shopping) ,I can easily go thru a 1/2 a tank of gas on a weekend. ($28.00).

Scooter: My Scooter takes 1 gallon of gas. $3.46.  I can go to grocery store, friends and family and a few events (dinner, shopping) and maybe use a 1/2 a tank of gas ($1.78).

Driving experience:

Car: In a box with windows shut and air conditioning on. Radio on, phone nearby and people all around me talking and laughing. Not to bad.

Scooter: Open air, wonderful smells and sights.  No radio or phone to be distracting me. Only laughter is coming from me talking to the cows I just yelled to!


Car: I can load 24 bags of groceries in it. I can pass people on the highway. My hair doesn’t get messed up. I can bring along all my friends.  I can use my multi tasking abilities and talk on the phone, change the radio station, pull up my GPS and pay for parking at the lot or meter downtown.

Scooter:  I can load 4 bags of groceries (1 on front hook, 1 in seat and two in trunk box).  I don’t pass anyone, they can pass me. My hair is windblown and tussled. I use my multi tasking abilities to watch for cars and traffic, see cool sites and hear the birds and smell the flowers.  I still may use my GPS but I NEVER pay for parking.

Now ask yourself, “what would it look like”?  That’s pretty easy isn’t it?

Todays thoughts: Why not? Go against the grain and do something different. Save money and your sanity if you have the chance. Do you really need to be the fastest, biggest and most expensive vehicle on the road? Of course not!parked

Street Art: Around the World in Eight Photos

What a treat to see this art from so many different places. I love street art and really appreciate the chance to see these!

The Blog

Whenever I get the chance to travel, I always photograph local street art. The topics, colors, and scenes help me absorb the feel and atmosphere that makes each destination truly unique. Join me for a tour of some amazing street art from around the world, right from the comfort of your armchair.

Welcome to Berlin, Germany, our first stop on the tour, where we find Christine Estima‘s photo of street art by ElBocho. I love the bold lines and striking expressions:

#ElBocho Berlin Baby Photo by Christine Estima#ElBocho Berlin Baby (Photo by Christine Estima)

And now, over to Cardiff, Wales, for something slightly more muted. DIFF GRAFF did a great job capturing Rmer‘s portrait of Marlon Brando as the Godfather. It’s quite striking, wouldn’t you agree?

Marlon Brando by the artist Rmer Photo by DIFF GRAFFMarlon Brando by the artist Rmer (Photo by DIFF GRAFF)

Heading to Dunedin, New Zealand, we stop off at Dunedin Wears the Pants. The site, run…

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Scooter Curious…But it’s HOT outside!

Yes, it may sound strange to want to ride a scooter on a 90 degree day, but I would still take that over a car. 

Think about the heat that builds up in the car.  Sure, some of you are lucky enough to have air conditioning (I am out of Freon and I personally prefer windows down), but not everyone wants that.

How HOT does a car get?  I found this on “Accu-Weather” website:

 It turns out that a car can turn deadly for pets on a winter day — with an outside temperature of only 60 degrees! This article says “Even if it is a comfortable 60 degrees outside, a closed-car interior can reach 100 degrees on a sunny day.” Another says “Even on a mild day at 73 degrees outside, an SUV can heat up to 100 degrees in ten minutes and to 120 degrees in just 30 minutes. At 90 degrees outside, the interior of a vehicle can heat up to 160 degrees within several minutes.” Testing this out is not rocket science, in the video below we placed a thermometer inside a car and saw it spike to over 130; I have personally witnessed 155 degrees on a thermometer inside a car.

That does not sound pleasant!  I would prefer a slight breeze on my scooter and keep a water bottle on board.  However there is one thing I do not like about HOT weather and scootering…Beware of the burned buns!  Sitting on a seat that has been getting toasty in the sun is a great way to burn your buns.  Sit slowly and move around a will cool off very quickly.

Go enjoy these Dog Days of Summer and remember to be safe.  Don’t leave children or pets in a car.  Leave the dogs at home and take the children with you.