Scooter Curious…FREEDOM

What does this weekend represent for you?

For me it is full of emotions. 

Joy:  The feeling I get hanging out with family and friends and experiencing fireworks, food and music.

Pride:  The feeling I get when I think about where I live and the people who have come before me to make it a better place to live.

Humility:  When I think of the freedoms I take for granted everyday, knowing that their are many others in the world who do not have this.

Frustration: I don’t have the patience I once had for ignorance.  Whether it’s the mistreatment of the flag, lack of understanding of what this day stands for, or the shear gall of people, companies or government trying to take away freedoms.

I am not an overly political person.  But I do get on my high horse once in a while.  I love this Country. I choose to live here. I want to see everyone treated equally and fair. I want to be able to make choices about my BODY and who I love.  I am not a radical or some crazy liberal. I am a believer in Freedom and grateful for those that I have.  This Country has come along way in my 53 years and I am sure it will continue to grow and change.

On this Fourth of July I leave you with this:

Did you wake up today and go to the job “you” choose to work at?  Did you get more than $20 for the week?  Did the water you bathed in or drank cause you to be ill?  Did you go to bed without gunfire keeping you awake?  Did you choose your spouse or mate?  Did you choose what church/or no church to go to?

Ok…you get my point without me hitting you on the head anymore. Go light those sparklers, hang your flag and fill your heart with great memories.  Happy Fourth of July!!


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