Scooter Curious…..Sparklers!

I love me some SPARKLERS!

Yes, the big fireworks are impressive and fun to see.  But give me a box of sparklers and I am a happy camper!

Sparklers have been around for a very long time (BBC’s e-cyclopedia says Callinicos of Heliopolis, an architect who lived in AD 670 invented the first hand held fire works), giving a lot of kids and families pleasure.
I can remember running around the front yard as soon as it got dark and attempting to write my name in the air!  Playing Statue of Liberty or just standing there mesmerized as they burned and sputtered.

Sure there were a few burns.  How many of you did the stupid move of dropping them when you were done and then STEPPING on the hot metal with your bare feet!  But the fun usually out lasted the burn.

Bottle rockets were fun too when they were legal! Snakes and spinning things that whistle and smoke are always a good time.

But my heart will stay with the Sparkler.  It has the qualities I am drawn too….It’s bright, It’s cheap, It’s fun but doesn’t last forever, it leaves an impression (but not for long) and I only get to experience it once a year.  I realize after I just typed that, that I could be talking about my dating life instead of sparklers!!

Happy Fourth of July!



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