Scooter Curious….Denver Transportation

What a great city we live in!  I remember when I first moved here from Detroit I couldn’t believe how cool it was to have a city I was actually going to use!  It was beautiful and clean and filled with so many people who seemed to be transplanted from somewhere else…thus we all had a commonality.

Getting around Denver was a bit difficult back then. When I first got here we didn’t even have the bus on the 16th street mall yet.  Now!?  We have so many ways to get around.

Let’s start big:

RTD:  What a great bus system we have. It started in 1969 and averages over 100 million boarding’s a year!  I love our bus system. Easy to understand and always clean and friendly.

Light Rail: Started in 1994, this has been a great boost for our city and surrounding cities.  It’s so much better for our environment and is making it easier and easier for everyone!  If you haven’t looked at their map lately, check it out…it’s going everywhere !

Car2Go:  Great idea! Super cute cars, easy to park and very affordable.

UBER and LYFT: Fun ways to get someplace when you can’t afford a cab. 

BCycle:  Really cool idea! Rent a bike and go around Denver.

C.C. Rider Rental: The best choice yet!!  Rent a scooter and enjoy the beauty of this state.  Fresh air, free parking and over 100 mpg.  Doesn’t get much better (gee do I sound a bit biased? lol)!





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