Scooter Curious…it’s spreading

Since I opened my business in April I have noticed and increase in Scooters in my area here in Wheat Ridge, CO. Oh sure, it could just be that I am much more aware, but I really believe there are more.

I have personally helped 4 people since I started to buy Scooters either online or thru a dealer.

So I started thinking, what would it look like if this was the “norm” and driving a car was the exception.

Let’s start out with the obvious:


Car: Gas prices are around $3.46 near my house.  It costs me around $56.00 to fill my car. Between grocery store and friends and family and a few events (dinner, shopping) ,I can easily go thru a 1/2 a tank of gas on a weekend. ($28.00).

Scooter: My Scooter takes 1 gallon of gas. $3.46.  I can go to grocery store, friends and family and a few events (dinner, shopping) and maybe use a 1/2 a tank of gas ($1.78).

Driving experience:

Car: In a box with windows shut and air conditioning on. Radio on, phone nearby and people all around me talking and laughing. Not to bad.

Scooter: Open air, wonderful smells and sights.  No radio or phone to be distracting me. Only laughter is coming from me talking to the cows I just yelled to!


Car: I can load 24 bags of groceries in it. I can pass people on the highway. My hair doesn’t get messed up. I can bring along all my friends.  I can use my multi tasking abilities and talk on the phone, change the radio station, pull up my GPS and pay for parking at the lot or meter downtown.

Scooter:  I can load 4 bags of groceries (1 on front hook, 1 in seat and two in trunk box).  I don’t pass anyone, they can pass me. My hair is windblown and tussled. I use my multi tasking abilities to watch for cars and traffic, see cool sites and hear the birds and smell the flowers.  I still may use my GPS but I NEVER pay for parking.

Now ask yourself, “what would it look like”?  That’s pretty easy isn’t it?

Todays thoughts: Why not? Go against the grain and do something different. Save money and your sanity if you have the chance. Do you really need to be the fastest, biggest and most expensive vehicle on the road? Of course not!parked


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