Scooter Curious….Parades and Candy!


C.C. Rider is going to be in a parade August 16th for the Wheat Ridge Carnation Festival.

That got me thinking about parades I have been to over the years. I can remember as a kid going to a parade every year at my Aunt’s house in Jackson Michigan. It would go right past her house and we would grab prime real estate on the curb in the front yard.  It was perfect for seeing all the bands and the floats, but what it was ideal for was hauling in the CANDY!

We would bring a little bucket and as soon as the float went by and threw hand fulls of candy at the crowds, we would swoop in and scoop up as much as our little hands could hold and start filling up the bucket!

Where’s the candy today? It’s too dangerous. Kid’s will get run over.

Hmmm, what changed? Have the float operators played too much Grand Theft Auto and try to run people down? Did we forget to tell our children when we were raising them that vehicle’s are heavy and could kill us if they run us over? Or better yet….what happened to telling your children “don’t run into the street until the float has passed you by”?

I get it, I raised kids, I want them safe too. But at what cost? I don’t want to get all political, so I will leave you with this:

Parades are fun. They are a great chance to support your community and spend time with family and friends. And…they are a great teaching opportunity as a parent. Danger is every where in life, but that shouldn’t keep you from enjoying it. Just you common sense and a little caution and see what wonderful things in this world await you!  Let it rain CANDY!!



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