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Scooter Curious…Mistaken Identity


It was that phone call I love to get…“I need to rent a scooter!”  Yeah, I love these calls.  She proceeds to tell me she has been looking for a place like mine.  She continues to say that she is so excited because she has never ridden one before. This just keeps getting better…I love when people are excited.  I ask her what she is wanting to do on her scooter.  She tells me she wants to “get around”, she says she has not been out in quite some time and is really looking forward to some freedom.  I TOTALLY get that feeling!  Nothing beats the fresh air and the smells and freedom you get on a scooter.

This is great, it’s a weekday and I don’t get a lot of business on a weekday.  I can hear by her voice she might be a bit older than me (which is saying she is at least over 55).  I tell her the scooters come with locks and helmets.  She says to me “I can see why a lock might be important, but I have never seen anyone wear a helmet”.  Fair enough, it’s not a law here in Colorado, but I always recommend it.  “Well how fast does this thing go?” she asks me.  I have some that will go around 36 and a few that will actually hit 50.  “Oh my!” she screeches.  “That seems so dangerous.  I might hurt somebody or hurt myself”.  Oh no, I will teach you how to ride it.  I go on and on with this for about 10 minutes when it finally dawns on me…Where exactly are you wanting to ride this again? I ask.

“I can’t walk anymore and I really want to go to the mall”, dead silence.  Ma’am I ask, are you looking for a disability scooter? 

Todays Thoughts:

Ask questions!  Don’t assume.  Some things in life look, sound and feel like one thing, but in reality could turn out to be something completely different! Don’t be afraid to say “oops, I didn’t understand”.  




Scooter Curious….My Carbon Footprint


How do you make a difference?

It doesn’t have to be drastic, but let’s be clear…every little bit DOES make a difference.

Adopt energy-saving habits

  • Keep thermostat relatively low in winter and ease up on the air conditioning in summer. Clean or replace dirty air conditioner filters as recommended to keep the A/C operating at peak efficiency.
  • Unplug your electronics when not in use. To make it easier, use a power strip. Even when turned off, items like your television, computer, and cellphone charger still sip power.
  • Dry your clothes outside whenever possible.
  • Make minimal use of power equipment when landscaping.
  • Defrost your refrigerator and freezer regularly.
  • Choose green electricity. Many utilities give you the option to purchase electricity generated by wind and solar power for a small rate surcharge.
  • Purchase carbon offsets to make up for the energy use you can’t eliminate.

These aren’t rocket science, but we tend to forget to do them.  And what about HOW WE GET AROUND DENVER?

We can’t all afford the cool Hybrid or Electric cars (but someday we will!), so what is another way to make a difference?

SCOOTERS!!!!  Depending on what you choose, you can get up to 130 mpg on a scooter (Honda Metros).

Todays Thoughts:

Go out and make a difference, even if it seems small.  We have so much power as humans to impact this world in a positive way.  Let’s see what we can do!

For more information check out: 


Scooter Curious…Oh the people you will meet!


Who would have thought that my favorite part of owning a business here in Wheat Ridge Colorado, was the people I would meet?!  O.k., fair enough…if you know me than you would be saying “Of course it is!”

I have been thinking about some of the interesting, amazing and beautiful people who have walked thru my doors. Ever since I opened, I have been nothing but impressed by the world.  I won’t give names or too much detail, but here are some examples:

  • A group of 20-30 something’s from New Mexico who graduated from college and are working on a huge sustainable housing project.  Intelligent, giving and a great example of our future.
  • A 91 year old man who had his motorcycle license (not his car) taken away and just wanted to sit on “2 wheels again”.
  • 2 Religious young men in town for a camp.  So full of smiles and kindness!
  • An art teacher from New York who showed me how strong and capable a single woman can be!
  • Denver Musicians, Artists, Computer Repair, Business Owners…the list goes on!

I have made new friends, business acquaintances and learned about things I knew nothing of before. My head is getting fuller and my heart is growing bigger.

Today Thoughts:

People really are awesome. Yeah, you will meet a few who suck in this world, but let’s be honest with ourselves…most are absolutely amazing.  Next time your in the grocery store or standing in line for coffee, I challenge you to start up a conversation with the person next to you.  You may walk away with just a bit more knowledge then you had when you woke up today. Go and make a new friend, or be a mentor to a new business…I can’t tell you how much it is appreciated.



Scooter Curious….how common is the common cold?


Ok, I get whiny just like everyone else when I catch a cold in the summer. It’s never fun.

But it got me wondering…how common is the common cold?

On average an adult will have 2 -4 colds a year and a child 3-8.  Wow, I guess I feel lucky this is my first cold of the year.  And it also makes me appreciate having all my kids grown and out of the house!

So what are some “uncommon” cures for the common cold?  I came across a few

  • Lizard Soup- Yep, it really exists and I think I will pass!
  • Wet Socks- Get your feet really warm, then add cold wet socks and go to bed. For some reason I feel like this one is similar to “how to get someone to wet the bed”!
  • Snail Syrup- as if the mucus coming out of your body isn’t enough?! ewww

Oh the list goes on and on. And the common cold has been around since before the 16th century (which btw is whey we call in a cold..they often attributed the illness to the cold weather), and we still can’t “cure” it. Do you have your favorite rituals or cures?

I like to drink Sprite or 7-up and cranberry juice. I put a little Vicks Vapor Rub on my chest and drink a little whiskey and honey (not sure if that works, but it sure makes me sleep good!).

Todays Thoughts:

You can run, but you can’t hide from day to day things like a cold. You can plan for the future and have all your ducks in a row, but the rug can be pulled out with a simple…ACHOO!  Go take good care of yourself, pay attention to how much sleep you get and how much water you drink. Don’t beat yourself up if you get struck down…just pamper yourself with your best family remedy and if all else fails…Call you Mother and whine!