Scooter Curious….It’s AUGUST!!

doggolfWhat a beautiful August day it is!  I love this time of month in Colorado.  The evenings will start cooling down near the end of the month. The garden and plants are all getting big and strong. School is just around the corner (that can be good or bad depending on who my audience is!)

Here are a few things that are also in August:

  • X Games (August 1-4)
  • It’s Peach Month
  • National Golf Month
  • National Day Day (August 26th)
  • U.S. Open-(starts August 26th)
  • College Football (August 29th)

What is missing from this list?

“Quit talking about riding a scooter and go do it day!”- What? you’ve never heard of it?

It’s going to be big!  Grab a peach, pet your dog, put down the golf clubs one afternoon and go hit the road on a scooter!!


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