Scooter Curious…Oh the people you will meet!


Who would have thought that my favorite part of owning a business here in Wheat Ridge Colorado, was the people I would meet?!  O.k., fair enough…if you know me than you would be saying “Of course it is!”

I have been thinking about some of the interesting, amazing and beautiful people who have walked thru my doors. Ever since I opened, I have been nothing but impressed by the world.  I won’t give names or too much detail, but here are some examples:

  • A group of 20-30 something’s from New Mexico who graduated from college and are working on a huge sustainable housing project.  Intelligent, giving and a great example of our future.
  • A 91 year old man who had his motorcycle license (not his car) taken away and just wanted to sit on “2 wheels again”.
  • 2 Religious young men in town for a camp.  So full of smiles and kindness!
  • An art teacher from New York who showed me how strong and capable a single woman can be!
  • Denver Musicians, Artists, Computer Repair, Business Owners…the list goes on!

I have made new friends, business acquaintances and learned about things I knew nothing of before. My head is getting fuller and my heart is growing bigger.

Today Thoughts:

People really are awesome. Yeah, you will meet a few who suck in this world, but let’s be honest with ourselves…most are absolutely amazing.  Next time your in the grocery store or standing in line for coffee, I challenge you to start up a conversation with the person next to you.  You may walk away with just a bit more knowledge then you had when you woke up today. Go and make a new friend, or be a mentor to a new business…I can’t tell you how much it is appreciated.




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