Scooter Curious…Mistaken Identity


It was that phone call I love to get…“I need to rent a scooter!”  Yeah, I love these calls.  She proceeds to tell me she has been looking for a place like mine.  She continues to say that she is so excited because she has never ridden one before. This just keeps getting better…I love when people are excited.  I ask her what she is wanting to do on her scooter.  She tells me she wants to “get around”, she says she has not been out in quite some time and is really looking forward to some freedom.  I TOTALLY get that feeling!  Nothing beats the fresh air and the smells and freedom you get on a scooter.

This is great, it’s a weekday and I don’t get a lot of business on a weekday.  I can hear by her voice she might be a bit older than me (which is saying she is at least over 55).  I tell her the scooters come with locks and helmets.  She says to me “I can see why a lock might be important, but I have never seen anyone wear a helmet”.  Fair enough, it’s not a law here in Colorado, but I always recommend it.  “Well how fast does this thing go?” she asks me.  I have some that will go around 36 and a few that will actually hit 50.  “Oh my!” she screeches.  “That seems so dangerous.  I might hurt somebody or hurt myself”.  Oh no, I will teach you how to ride it.  I go on and on with this for about 10 minutes when it finally dawns on me…Where exactly are you wanting to ride this again? I ask.

“I can’t walk anymore and I really want to go to the mall”, dead silence.  Ma’am I ask, are you looking for a disability scooter? 

Todays Thoughts:

Ask questions!  Don’t assume.  Some things in life look, sound and feel like one thing, but in reality could turn out to be something completely different! Don’t be afraid to say “oops, I didn’t understand”.  




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