Scooter Curious…Denver Date Night!




Whether you married, dating or just met…choosing what to do can be a chore sometimes.

When I was married we used to take turns choosing an activity or destination.  The goal was to make it fun, affordable and something different.

What is a perfect date activity? Scooter Rental around Denver or Golden!  Grab a sweatshirt and a pair of good shoes and hit the open road!  Maybe a Saturday morning Breakfast date in LoDo or a picnic around Sloans Lake.  The #1 destination for most of my customers is a drive into Golden and lunch by the river. 

Have you ever done the tour of Coors?  Just because you live here doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check it out! Or a ride into Morrison.  I love that ride!

Todays Thoughts:  Keep your relationship alive!  Don’t let a good thing go stale because no one is putting effort into it. Dating is tough enough without wondering what to do.  Explore where you live, frequent local businesses and put a smile on  your face! 


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