Scooter Curious….Best Time of Year!!


The early mornings are a bit brisk, you can sometimes see your breath.  You grab a favorite sweater or sweatshirt and step outside. Maybe there is a little mist on the grass and a smell of moisture in the air.  By the time you get to your destination the sun has warmed the pavement and your body.  You peel of the layers of clothing and you are down to a t-shirt.  The sky seems bluer than it has been all summer.  You can smell the fresh cut grass and the colors in front of you are breathtaking.

I LOVE FALL!!  Denver and Golden, Arvada or Wheat Ridge…it just doesn’t get much better than exploring these places on a scooter in the fall.  Farmers Markets are abundant with fresh grown goodies. If you have been thinking about this all summer, but the timing wasn’t just right….now is the time!

Todays Thoughts:  Fall means change. Something new is coming around the corner. It’s a time for growth and opportunities. It’s a season of preparation for what’s to come. Clear your head and embrace the change, look forward to what’s to come!


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