Scooter Curious….How’s your Aspen?


When I first moved to Colorado from Michigan, the two most noticeable differences was the loss of water and the lack of variety in the trees.  I thought I would miss the fall season of Michigan and all the color changes…until I saw the Aspen!

Granted, it does not compare in variety, but it makes up for it in boldness.  Have you seen the side of a mountain splashed with gold paint?  How about the sunshine in the early morning and the way it makes the aspen look like they are on fire?  It is truly a spectacular site.

So I thought I would share a few Aspen facts with you today:

In the U.S. Aspen are located in: 

Alaska, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Maine, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Ohio, North Dakota and Wyoming.

The wood is used for: Paper, Matches, Packing material, Oars and Paddles.

Uses: Native Americans used the Aspen leaves for swollen joints, headaches and burns. The bark was used for stomach ailments.

Weapons: Aspen stakes were used in Eastern Slovenia to ward off werewolves and vampires, in fact they still plant them near their homes so they can make a quick stake if ever needed!

Sound: Have you ever heard a grove of Aspen whistle or speak in the wind? Some cultures believe it is the voice of beyond talking to them.

Todays Thoughts:  The group of Aspens in Utah called Pando, are considered one of the largest living organisms.  They grow quickly and they grow high, and some how are all connected through an amazing root system.  This sounds like people to me. We are all connected, we need each other to grow and thrive.  And when we all stand together (like this grove), we are beautiful!


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