Scooter Curious….Parking Reality


I had to drive into Denver the other day in my car and was quickly reminded why I prefer to ride my scooter downtown…PARKING!

Don’t get me wrong..I love our city!, but let’s be honest, parking is a pain no matter what city you live in.  Between driving up and down streets looking for an open meter, to then running back out of my meeting to pay for another hour on the meter, I was over it!

Most cities struggle with parking issues.  Between the cost, the convenience and the stress, scooters just look better and better.

Now, don’t think you can just forget about the rules either.  Fines are very hefty if you have an expired meter or you get a parking violation.

Last year, the city issued 683,884 citations for meter violations, parking in tow-away zones (including on sweeping days), license-plate violations, exceeding two-hour limits and dozens of other infractions.

So, Todays Thoughts:

Plan ahead!  Take a little extra time when you drive downtown so you can reduce the stress of trying to find a parking spot.  Keep change in your car for meters (or use your credit card) so you are prepared.  Pay your fines…on time!  Or, get yourself a scooter and avoid so many of these issues!


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