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Scooter Curious….It’s a New Year!

It’s hard to believe that I opened a year ago!  What a great ride it’s been,

As I have blogged over the year, I have met amazing people and had some wonderful opportunities come my way.  I can hardly imagine what this year will bring.

We are planning a big neighborhood party on May1st with Live music, food and fun!

I will keep this blog short and sweet…don’t forget to stop by and say “Hi”! and remember…It’s ok to be a little scooter curious!


Scooter Curious….65 is the new 50!

older rider

I was recently in Hobe Sound, Florida for a few weeks visiting family.  Something caught my attention, a lack of scooters!  It’s Florida, and a resort/retirement community…what the heck?!

The problem it seemed was speed limit (most roads have a speed limit of 45 or you had to take a highway) and age.  Now I can’t argue what they vote in as speed limits, however I have my opinion.  SLOW DOWN!, enjoy the scenery, take your time and for goodness sake, if most of the drivers are over the age of 65, why on earth does it need to be so fast?

But let’s address the real issue: AGE.  In case you haven’t noticed, 65 is the new 50. We are living longer, we are more active and more aware of our environment than ever before.  So, why shouldn’t we be riding scooters when we retire? What a perfect means of transportation for someone wanting to slow down a bit, but still have a great time.

I had two customers here in beautiful Wheat Ridge Colorado this summer both over the age of 75!  Saving money on gas and not having to park so far away are also great reasons to ride a scooter when you are a bit older.  Don’t let age be a factor in fun…go out and enjoy life!

Todays Thoughts:  What are you waiting for?  Don’t wait until your body tells you it can’t do things anymore (and believe me, it will)..go and do things that make you smile and appreciate this beautiful place we call home…Denver Colorado!   Come on…”Age ain’t nothing but a number!”

Scooter Curious….Election Day!


What’s one of the easiest ways to clear out a room, offend someone and think differently about a friend?  Talk about POLITICS!

Don’t worry, I am not going to share any of my political views with you, (a big “whew” just left your lips I am sure).  I am just going to talk about Voting.

I have the pleasure of having friends in my life who don’t all share the same political views as me.  Yes, I said “pleasure”.  I happen to love diversity and feel it’s best door to education.  If all my friends shared the same beliefs, how dull and ignorant I would be.

VOTING can take a little time. I personally like to use the computer and research all the candidates and amendments before I vote. I also (because of my opening statement) do not “share” my political views on forums such as FaceBook.  I would love to see the statistics of how many people on FaceBook who complain about…everything, actually get out and Vote!

So with that said, some of my friends are excited to vote, some feel it’s a waste of time. Some of my friends have even gone so far as to work for a politicians campaigns and some have even decided to run! Do I vote for them because they are my friends? Of course not. I listen, I ask questions and I try and learn as much as I can, and then I VOTE.

August 18th, 1920…do you know what happened on that day? Woman got the right to VOTE! Yes, the Right. It is a right, it is a privilege, and yes…(this is as political as I will get) it’s my duty because I have opinions.  So with this said, I hope everyone takes the time out of their busy days and remembers to VOTE!

Todays Thoughts:  Keep having opinions, keep standing up for what is right. Don’t let people sway you unless you believe in what they are saying.  Don’t get caught up in negativity…positivity will always bring you more light!