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Scooter Curious….Communication Revelation


I like to text. It’s true, even though I am “older” I very much enjoy the luxury of just saying a few words and not having to sit on the phone and talk.  But…I don’t (or at least I try very hard) not to text when I am visiting with someone, checking out at a store, eating with a friend…and the big one,..DRIVING.

The ability to “talk text” is without a doubt my favorite!  I can say what I want and hit send and be done!  However, no matter how great your phone is, you better double check before you hit the send button! LOL

The reason I bring this topic of communication up is that I was thinking how much I love riding my scooter because of all the sounds and smells I get to enjoy.  Then I realized it was also because, I don’t have my phone anywhere near me.  If I want to call someone or text, I have to wait until I have stopped somewhere.  By then, I often second guess myself out of the text or call, because I have waited THIS long, I ask myself…“is it even necessary”?

So that was the revelation…is this even necessary?  The quick little quips or comments you text in a day? Sure, keep the “I love you’s”, but do we really need the constant commentary?  Maybe we would have more to say to friends and loved ones when we saw them if we didn’t text them 5 times a day with our updates.

Todays Thoughts:  Put your phone away.  Remember the true art of conversation and embrace it!  Make your friends priorities and look forward to “catching up” with them!  Drive a scooter…you will have no choice but to put the phone away!!